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How to complete Data Confirmation on AERIES



  2. A BANNER WILL APPEAR ACROSS THE TOP OF THE PAGE THAT STATES:“You have not yet completed the Student Data Confirmation process. Click Here to confirm the information about your student.” (if this yellow banner does not appear, click on the “Student Info” tab and then click on “Data Confirmation."

  3. Next, in blue, you will see the sentence stating, “Please select each of the tabs and complete or update the required information.” Now you must go through each of the 6 tabs:

    1. FAMILY INFORMATION. Respond to the two questions presented regarding the US Armed Forces and Residency.

    2. STUDENT. Review the information on this tab. If there is missing or incorrect information click on the “Change” button. Then add/correct the information and click on the “Confirm and Continue” Button.

    3. CONTACTS. Review the contact information in this tab. (Note: You must have two contacts for emergency purposes. Please be sure that you identify these contacts as Mother, Father, Emergency Contact #1 or Emergency Contact #2 – if you do not specify, the contact information will not print on your student’s emergency card. If you need to change the contact information click on the “Change” button and then edit the contact information. After making changes to this information click on the “Save” button.

    4. DOCUMENTS. Review each of the documents in this tab by clicking on the name of the document. You may print or save to your computer any of these documents. (Note: it is important to review with your student the information found in the Documents tab.)

    5. AUTHORIZATIONS. Review each category in this tab and then click the appropriate box to the right (Status). Note, a box for each item must be checked or you will not be able to complete the process. After completing each of the boxes, click on the “Save” button.

    6. FINAL DATA CONFIRMATION. Confirm that you have reviewed each of the previous tabs and that the information in each of the previous tabs is correct. Once you have checked off each box, click the “Save” button.

    7. FINISH AND SUBMIT. Once you have saved your information, click on “Finish and Submit”. You should see “Thank your for confirming the student data in the system”.

    You’re all done! This means that you have confirmed your child’s data and your child is registered for school. Please keep an eye out for a postcard we will mail you in the summer with more information. Also, be sure to sign up for Parent Square to receive current updates from Fitz at