Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6351.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Feather Hocking Principal
Gabriel Magaña Assistant Principal
Michelle Cook Counselor
Landa Gamez Secretary
Elba Garzon Guidance Clerk
Sarah Jimenez Health Assistant
Tina Valdez Testing Assistant
Cassandra Kobayashi Technology Support
Linda Ramos Attendance Clerk
Erika Cardenas Community Liaison (AM)
Ivan Perez Community Liaison
Michelle Rymer Nurse
Mr. Allen Mathematics & English Teacher
Mrs. Bullis History / AVID Teacher
Ms. Chin English and Spanish Teacher
Ms. Corona CTE Robotics and Engineering
Mr. Couch Physical Education Teacher and ASB
Ms. De Leon Special Education Teacher
Mr. Dishong Mathematics Teacher
Mrs. Gohn Instrumental Music Teacher
Ms. Gunderson English Language Arts Teacher
Mr. Housepian History & Adv. Coding Teacher
Ms. Jenkins Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Kao Science Teacher
Mrs. Kinney Special Education Teacher
Ms. Luu Science and AVID Teacher
Mr. Martinez History
Mrs. Menzies ELD Teacher and Librarian
Mr. Nguyen Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Smith Chorus Teacher
Mrs. Sneddon Art Teacher
Ms. Trujillo English Language Arts Teacher
Mrs. Velekei Science Teacher
Mrs. Weirich English Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Wiese Special Education Teacher
Ms. Wigler Physical Education Teacher